The first and perhaps the most important aspect of the successful development of any business is planning. Correspondingly, our company has implemented a multitude of plans to help us progress in the market. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • To keep up-to-date with the new developments of the market and update our collection.
  • To consider the customer needs and provide them with the right ideas.
  • To perform regular comparative analytics and keeping our company ahead of those in the market.
  • To insure that every order is handled in a safe way and delivered within the time limit.


Our R&D always assists us to develop strategies that will aid our organization in the steady growth. The highly experienced team of researchers we have, conducts continuous research and therefore develops the best product range including, Sublimation Printer, Epson Series Direct Fabric Printer, Reactive Ink, Pigment Ink, etc. All in all, relentless research and development has enabled us to build a strong customer base and we aim to retain those customers in the future through continuing the research work.

Our Group Company

The Shradhdha Group of Companies, established in 2010, has its headquarters in Surat, a city well-known for its textile and manufacturing industries. The Group endeavours in manufacturing, supplying and importing which are among the competitive categories in India. To further present their expertise in specific markets and compete with other industries in the field, they incorporated various companies including Shradhdha Prints, Shradhdha Technologies, Shradhdha Enterprise, etc. With the help of these companies, the Shradhdha Group not only provides textile goods, but also offers machinery and equipment to help other firms in running their textile businesses. The company is also fulfilling the requirements of electric, elevators, paper and other industries. This helps the company to create several revenue sources to make the business incredibly profitable.

"Dealing in industrial purpose printers only".
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